About Us


EcoMark is proud to be a Solar City Certified Partner, accelerating the adoption of solar energy on a grassroots level. We offer a full range of residential energy products in order to help our customers find the best energy solutions for their home and family. Our knowledgeable Solar Consultants can answer all of your questions about going solar and assist you through every step of the process. We pride ourselves in catering to our customers, maintaining the highest satisfaction and we stand behind our performance.

1. Compile Energy Usage -

An EcoMark sales representative will gather basic information from you to
build a CUSTOM proposal.

2. Proposal -

Your sales representative will present you with a custom proposal, designed to
SAVE you the most money!

3. Qualify and Sign Up -

Decide on an option that works best for you.

4. Install -

Because of high demand it may take 30+ days to the install date, and 3-5 days in the
install itself, but you will start saving on day one.

5. Covered -

Now you can relax and enjoy your savings! They’re already insured and SolarCity
will monitor them for necessary maintenence and repairs.


SolarCity – A Star Amongst Solar Companies:

We are partnered with SolarCity to bring you the very best – they are the #1 solar
power company in the US with customers spanning residential, commercial and
government sectors. Together, we provide high quality product, full-service installation,
and the very best value for your investment.


Solar Van


What Does This Mean?

It means we can give you the best solar experience on the market.