January 8, 2016

How Does Solar Energy Help the Environment?

Solar energy helps the environment by doing more than just reducing carbon emissions. 

Did you know that Colorado is the 10th biggest consumer of solar power in the United States? Here in Denver, homeowners are increasingly aware of their impact on the environment, and solar panel systems are an instant solution to their sustainability concerns. Here are three ways solar panels benefit the environment.

1. Solar Energy Reduces Water Pollution

In thermoelectric plants, coal, natural gas, oil and nuclear energy require cooling — and this requires vast amounts of water. But there’s a problem: 72 percent of water pollution comes from coal-fired power plants, and toxic pollution is linked to cancer, heart attacks and neurological damage. Thankfully, there’s a solution.

Generating energy from renewable sources instead of fossil fuels can improve public health and river ecosystems. Solar energy doesn’t pollute local water resources, because solar photovoltaic cells don’t rely on water to generate power. The result? Cleaner drinking water for your whole family without wasting energy.

2. Solar Energy Reduces Air Pollution

31 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States comes from electricity production — a shocking statistic, especially when methane and carbon dioxide emissions are major contributors to global warming. Greenhouse gases reduce air quality and increase weather extremes. Using solar energy systems can mitigate some of the damage, as Denver solar panels don’t produce any greenhouse gasses when generating electricity.

3. Solar Energy Reduces Hazardous Waste

More than 400 million tons of hazardous waste is produced every year, according to the United Nations Environmental Program; however, not all waste is thrown away safely. In Canada, for example, 30 percent of waste producers fail to meet government guidelines for correct disposal procedures. This is worrying: Nuclear fission products, in particular, continue to be radioactive for thousands of years, meaning they could have a detrimental effect on human health and the environment. Unlike traditional energy sources, solar power doesn’t rely on fuel to generate electricity, eliminating the problem of radioactive waste storage and fuel transportation.

4. What can you do to promote solar power?

Want to reduce your carbon footprint? Solar is a renewable, sustainable form of energy that can lessen your environmental impact and save you lots of money in the process. We know switching to solar is a big decision but our goal is to make it as easy as possible. Read our first-time buyer’s guide to solar energy. It’s free and full of need-to-know advice.

Serious about solar energy? Find out how many solar panels your home needs or read answers to the most frequently asked questions about solar energy.

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Homeowners who have had solar panels installed may not know that their solar systems are insured under their homeowner’s insurance. So a significant hail storm likely equates to an insurance claim. EcoMark Solar is here to support you if your home and solar system are hit by hail.

Most hail storms aren’t usually severe enough to significantly damage solar panels.

Solar panels were designed to be outside and stand up to the elements. That being said, when hail hits a home hard enough your solar panels may have cracked glass, which could affect their production, and your mechanical components may be dented or damaged. Many other aspects of the home could be damaged and should be evaluated for an insurance claim.

If significant hail hits your home, EcoMark Solar needs to be contacted right away.

We will come out so that we can inspect your solar panels and your roof. In the hours and days following a hail storm many roofing companies will start knocking on your door and offering you a free estimate, however, these roofing companies are not qualified to evaluate your solar system.

Conversely, EcoMark Solar can evaluate the solar system and the state of your roof and the rest of the items that are typically included in a hail claim. EcoMark Solar has established an in-house roofing department specifically dedicated to processing your insurance claims and servicing your restoration needs including roofing, gutters, and siding.

Even if your panels are not damaged, EcoMark Solar can act as the general contractor for your entire insurance claim and get all the work done by a company you already know and trust.

You can submit a claim with us by:

Clicking right here: Insurance Claim Form at EcoMark Solar

Calling us at: 720-432-6411.

Or you can contact your sales consultant

Even if your panels were not installed by EcoMark Solar, please contact us, we can perform service and repair on most solar installations.

If you are considering solar, know that normally, there is minimal impact to insurance premiums when adding solar to your home. Once solar is installed, EcoMark Solar will be there for you when hail hits for the life of the panels.

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