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April 23, 2018

Do I Need a New Roof Before I Get Solar Panels?

For the vast majority of our solar installs, the existing roof is quite usable.

So the general answer to this question is, “No, you probably don’t need a new roof before you go solar.” 

That being said, there are few conditions that will require us to re-roof before we install solar panels. Here are the main roofing concerns:

Have you been hit by hail or a wind storm recently and not gotten your roof replaced yet?

If you have been hit by a storm that did visible damage to the outside of your house, it is likely you’ll have enough damage to warrant an insurance claim for a new roof. Our site auditor will do a roof evaluation and if you have sufficient damage to warrant a claim, we will let you know and assist you with the roofing claim, if desired.

We can easily work a roof replacement request around a solar installation.

Is your roof wood shake shingle?

Wood shakes are a huge liability for insurance companies. They’re extremely flammable, unless treated with proper chemicals. Also, they’re more susceptible to wind damage than other roof types. Finally, wood is more susceptible to mold. Due to their delicate nature, wood shakes require frequent maintenance.” Your insurance company will force you to get a new roof if you still have wood shake shingles. EcoMark Solar’s Roofing Department can not get the proper permits in place until you replace your wood shake shingle roof.

There are also a few specialty roof types that require extra roofing work, but those types of roofs are few and far between. So again, in general, the answer is no, you won’t need a new roof to go solar, but until the site auditor has finished evaluating your roof, we won’t know for sure.

Contact us today if you would like to schedule a roofing inspection.

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