July 2, 2018

Hail Hits – EcoMark Solar is There

The size of the hail that hit Fountain Colorado in June 2018.[/caption]

Customers of EcoMark Solar have been hit by hail – not just in one location, but in four – in just under one week. Mother Nature unleashed her fury first in Fountain, CO on June 12 and then hit three different areas in Metro Denver less than a week later.

 At first light after the storm hit in Fountain, EcoMark Solar’s roofing division started calling those customers in the affected zip codes to see if they were all right. Sadly, most were not. They had been hit by hail the size of baseballs that were pure ice, leaving unprecedented damage valued at over $169 million (CS Gazette)  and counting. Some had damage to their solar panels, although many did not. However, all of their homes were damaged – some right down to the foundations. Some homes looked like someone had taken a wood chipper to their siding. Some had lost skylights and in turn, whatever was below that skylight was pummeled by hail as well. The damage was extensive and overwhelming.

EcoMark Solar over the past year has been ramping up for this potential. Roofing and solar go together, so they’ve added a full-service roofing component to their solar panel installation set of services. Many people need a roof replaced before a solar system can be installed, many because of age, but most because that homeowner discounted what damage a previous hail storm actually did, and didn’t file a claim. In any case, EcoMark Solar always inspects the roof before installation and if there is a roof claim, they help the homeowner get a new roof. Sometimes, the insurance deductible can even be rolled into the solar loan, making a new roof and new solar panels a reality without any upfront costs.

“Our roofers are top notch,” Jake DiRe CEO of EcoMark Solar says, “and our insurance claim team knows how to help the homeowner submit the claim, and get the job done. Many claims involve more than just the roof – sometimes there’s gutters, siding and windows too. We specifically honed these skill sets to take care of our solar customers when the inevitable hail  storm(s) hit. A solar purchase for us begins a long-term relationship with our customers. We want to be the first people they call when they need someone.”

Their customers must’ve received the message, as there were over 50 customers in the Fountain area who were taken care of that first day by either EcoMark Solar’s Roofing division or the sales division. DiRe explained, “Our sales division quickly re-prioritized their days to check on their customers as well. Most of our customers met with an EcoMark employee in person within 72 hours of the storm hitting.”

More hail hit the Metro-Denver area just a few days later and the process repeated itself. DiRe concludes, “EcoMark Solar was already on pace for a record year for solar sales, and we’re not slowing down at all. However, customer service is our top priority and we will be there for our customers when they need us – before, during and after installation. A solar sale begins a relationship. We want our customers to really know that we’ll be there for them, now and in the decades to come.”

If hail has hit your roof, and you are also interested in purchasing a solar panel system, EcoMark Solar can combine the work into one seamless job for you. Call EcoMark Solar at 720.432.6411 or visit the website and look under the services tab for Roofing assistance.

EcoMark Solar is a the largest residential Solar Panel Installer in Colorado in 2015, 2016, and 2017. It has been in business since 2010. It can be found online at http://new.ecomarksolar.com.

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