February 19, 2020

Make Power Outages a Thing of the Past For The Future of Your Home

“So what happens if there is a power outage after I get solar?”

This is a question that almost every solar customer asks their solar consultant before choosing to purchase solar panels for their homes. Unfortunately, unless there is a battery attached to the system that is charged and ready to go, it also means the power goes out for the solar customer as well.

The solar inverter (the equipment that converts the DC panel-produced power to AC customer-side power) is controlled by the utility company, and if there is a power outage, the power necessary for that conversion is gone – unless there is a battery ready, waiting and wired in to handle the load.

“What do you worry about in a power outage? What’s at stake?” is the question the solar consultant asks the customer. “Is it just the food in your refrigerator or is the oxygen machine that keeps you alive or the water pump on your well or something in between?”

“Do you experience frequent outages? How long do they last?” These will be the questions asked to determine the style and size of the battery to design into your system. Batteries can handle anywhere between 4 and 12 circuits, depending on the size and style chosen.

Thanks to recent advances in technology and due to the extraordinary demand for a battery solution, EcoMark Solar researched the batteries available on the market and now has multiple options for customers to add batteries to their solar systems. They range from the type that will last overnight and into the next day for a storm-caused power outage all the way to ones that create a closed-loop energy system for your home and can last for years if necessary.

“EcoMark Solar services a wide type of customer, from those who live off-grid totally to those grid-tied in subdivisions in major metropolitan areas. There is a battery solution available for both extremes and everything in between,” Jake DiRe, CEO of EcoMark Solar explains. “We listened to our customers, and addressed the most pressing need by introducing a compatible solar/battery solution. The real key to getting you the battery you need is to get to know you as a customer, which we are already doing when we design a custom solar solution for your home. We’ll know when we talk, if you need a battery, and if so, which type to suggest.”

“Each of the batteries incorporate today’s technology, including smart panels for you to control where power is directed, and some are even portable,” DiRe continues. “Even if you have had solar panels for many years, these batteries can be designed into existing systems, so the potential to solve even more energy problems using renewable and reusable energy sources has again grown by leaps and bounds. It just takes one phone call to find out more.”

EcoMark Solar is a Colorado-based solar panel installer, roofer and now battery supplier for Colorado market. “We are currently the largest residential solar installer, and soon we will be able to say that about the installation of these eco-friendly batteries too,” DiRe forecasts. Their website is EcoMarkSolar.com – and their phone is 720.432.6411.

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