Solar Design & Installation

The Cutting Edge of Solar Design & Installation

Our solar design process is at the height of innovation, providing the latest in style, efficiency and function. We’ve developed a solar product in the top tier of functionality and style in its class and strive to provide high-quality service from design to installation and aftercare.

Getting a Quote

One of our experienced Solar Consultants will coordinate a visit with you. Your Solar Consultant will review your custom solar proposal, which will include the optimal solar design for your home to give you the best energy offset given your roof space and historical electric usage. We will present you with an aerial image of your home with the solar system installed so you can see what it will look like. And most importantly, you will discover how many thousands of dollars you can expect to save by switching to solar!

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The Design Process

The installation process starts with an initial site audit to take exact measurement of your roof space, collect information about your roof structure and existing electrical infrastructure.  Utilizing information about your home such as size, shape, positioning, shading, roof angles and sun exposure, we will begin to craft a final layout and electrical design that will provide you with the optimal solar system for your unique home and energy needs. Once the design is complete, we will review it with you for final approval and then submit for permits with your jurisdiction and electric utility.

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Solar Panel Installation

Once your system is permitted and ready for installation, our team of experienced installers and electricians will begin your solar installation. Installation times vary based on system size and complexity as well as the number of local inspections required in your jurisdiction, and can range anywhere from one to seven days. Once the installation is complete, we will fully test your system to ensure it works properly and conduct final inspections with the local jurisdiction. From here, your local utility will come out to install your net meter and you will be ready to start producing your own renewable energy.

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“Professional, knowledgeable and capable, yet comfortably informal to work with, from the first person who came to my door to the last person who gave me instructions on how to monitor my system and its production on the web. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that, finally, solar power is now cheaper to have than NOT to have; like the difference between buying a house and renting. Never any pressure from these folks, only good options and better options. I feel very fortunate to have encountered them. When was the last time you were actually better off because of a door-to-door salesman?!”

Colorado Springs

After living in my home for three years and interest rates being so low I thought now would be a good time to refinance. After the appraiser took a look at my new furnace, AC unit, hot water heater and solar panels, I was given the full market value for all of those energy efficiency upgrades included in the refinance. The process was easy, I was able to pay off two high interest credit cards, along with the solar I installed in 2016 and now I’m saving close to $650 a month.


Everyone at EcoMark Solar was very knowledgable and gave us a great understanding of how beneficial having a solar system is for us!

Wendy Warner
Aurora, CO

Working with Ecomark was a fantastic experience from top to bottom. They were prompt, helpful, and their product made going solar a no-brainer. I would recommend them to anyone!

Karl H.

This is my 3rd solar system and by far EcoMark Solar provided great install and top notch consumer service. Their electrician was very keen on providing the install exactly the way I specified it, their customer service is very responsive and takes care of business. This was by far the easiest experience out of my three solar systems installed. … EcoMark Solar will be my next system installer for sure.

Maciej Gesikowski
Westminster, CO

From start to finish, every person we worked with associated with Ecomark Solar were absolutely wonderful as far as being proficient, friendly and professional! Highly recommend to all.


Centennial, CO

The whole process went as smoothly – as they promised – even when another solar company said we weren’t a good candidate for solar!

Aurora, CO

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation. I had my solar system for two years and I could not be more pleased with my purchase.

Robin Maestas
Aurora, CO

We have been very pleased with the cost feasibility; the whole setup and get running process was pretty smooth and efficient. Can’t wait for my electric bills to go down to almost nothing!

Janet S.

Our solar system is turned on and we are so excited about what we are going to save on electricity!  I’m typically a hard sell, but I’ve been very pleased with every step of the process.

M. Thiessen
Denver, CO