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Now that you have solar panels on your home, what’s next in smart home technology?

Solar Battery Solutions

Would you like to make power outages a thing of the past?

Would you like to live more ‘grid independent’?

Ask yourself, “What am I worried about if the power goes out?”

Is it just the food in your refrigerator? Is it a life or death situation because a loved one is on oxygen? Do you have a well and need power to keep the water running in your home?

Now we have the technology to make power outages a thing of the past!

From small portable batteries to whole-home battery solutions, EcoMark Solar has the battery that can handle your situation

Smart Home Energy Technology and Management

Electric companies these days are creating new and creative ways to charge people for their energy to attempt to ease the burdens on the power grid. Some of these include  “Load Factoring”, “Time of Use” and “Tiered” billing. If you’re not already familiar with these terms, but live on the Front Range of Colorado, your utility will likely be introducing you to them in the coming years.

Smart home technology combined with in-home batteries empower homeowners to determine where and when they order up their power to get the most efficient and cost-effective combination for their homes. Even without the benefits of solar on your roof, you could ease your power costs by using these new technologies.

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