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The Importance of Quality Solar Panel Installation

The solar panel installation process is critical to ensure your solar panel system’s efficiency, durability, and resiliency. Your solar installer should be licensed, insured, and certified to provide an installation following all best practices. At EcoMark, we can provide you with an unmatched solar installation in Colorado with a detailed proposal and custom design for your property.

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How We Approach Every Solar Installation in Colorado

  • Initial Needs Assessment

    We will take aerial photos of your roof to evaluate its condition and determine the best location for the solar panels to be installed. The exact measurements, the panels’ shade tolerance, and your roof condition all play a part in the design of your solar installation in Colorado. At EcoMark, we will evaluate where equipment will be installed and make sure your roof is able to support the solar panels and any required repairs. From there we can provide you with a customized solar panel installation proposal.

  • Design

    Utilizing the newest technology, EcoMark Solar can conduct your site audit virtually, the same day that you sign your contract by uploading pictures of your home directly to our engineers. If you’ve purchased a battery, a physical site audit will be conducted. This information will allow our team to create a custom system designed to your home’s specifications.

    The design process is based on licensing requirements, understanding of municipal requirements, location, shade tolerance, and equipment. System size is determined by electrical consumption in the home, allowable roof space, and utility company parameters.

    It is critical to have an installation team that has experience dealing with Colorado’s climate and understands the needs of a high-altitude property. Once the design is approved by you, we will then submit those designs to your associated utility company for their review and approval as well.

  • Permits and Required Installation Records

    Permitting requires experience and good standing relationships with all 17 Colorado utilities.

    Details matter. That’s why it’s important to have a detailed installation process to ensure all documentation is complete and on time. Those details will also ensure that you have the records you need for your home, including the forms for tax incentives and rebates.

    During this stage, if a homeowner has an HOA, EcoMark will reach out to the HOA to make sure we get their approval as well. We should note that an HOA cannot deny a homeowner from doing rooftop solar. But we know that no one wants to get their HOA upset so we always make sure we get their “approval.”

    Once we have acquired the permit, we will set you up with an installation date.

  • Equipment Purchase

    EcoMark will create a detailed purchase order for your solar equipment and verify the document meets vendor requirements. We will then take delivery of all equipment and perform an inspection. Once the design is approved by the homeowner and equipment is purchased, our solar installers in Colorado can then get to work.

  • Installation

    On the day of your installation, our installers will inspect your roof for any changes from the initial visit. Next, our certified electrician will complete the wiring that will connect your system to the electrical panel and power grid. After the wiring is complete, the racking will be installed to support your panels per the design specifications. The next step is the careful placement of the panels onto the racking.

    For the final step of your solar installation in Colorado, the inverter system will be connected to the panels. The inverter converts the Direct Current (DC) energy coming out of the panels into Alternating Current (AC) energy that can be used by your home and fed back to the electric grid.

  • Schedule Final Inspections with the Municipality

    Once we wrap up your solar installation, we will call for an inspection with your local municipality. That inspection helps certify the work is up-to-code and reliable. After we pass inspection, your installer at EcoMark will schedule a Net Meter installation with the utility company.

  • Power Up Solar Panel System

    When all inspections are done and the net meter is installed, we have permission to operate (PTO). Your installer will then turn on your solar panel system and educate you on the operation of the system and the monitoring tools.

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At EcoMark Solar, we will handle your solar installation in Colorado from A-Z. Our installers and solar professionals have the experience to successfully provide a seamless service and great installation.

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