Upgrade Your Home with These Solar Power Products in Colorado

An efficient and complete home solar energy system requires many components to collect, convert, store, and provide a continuous source of energy. At EcoMark Solar, we can supply and install all of the solar power essentials that you need for your home energy system. From panels and mounts to inverters, batteries, and more, we are your one-stop shop for solar power products in Colorado. 

All of our solar power products come with a 25-year manufacturer warranty. That means EcoMark will provide services to the original homeowner for the full 25 years at no extra cost. 

Here’s an overview of all the solar components and products needed for an efficient solar energy system. 

A diagram of solar power products in Colorado and how they work together to generate free renewable energy for your home.

Solar Panels

When you think of solar power, you think of the panels. Solar panels are obviously the most noticeable component of a residential solar system. Solar panels are photovoltaic (PV), which simply describes the process of converting sunlight into energy.

We offer many different options for solar panels, but our top option for solar panels is Hanwha Q Cells. These German-engineered panels come in a sleek black appearance, do not reflect light, and have very few warranty claims. They are 400-watt panels (well above the average output) and offer 20.4% efficiency. The Hanwha Q Cells are top-of-the-line solar panels.

We are also proud to offer 400-watt panels from REC. These panels are very comparable to the QCell panels in regards to appearance and efficiency.

Mounting Racks

On a majority of residential installations, solar panels are mounted on rooftops. This may be a requirement of local zoning ordinances and tend to be the most efficient solution. At EcoMark, we currently only offer rooftop mounting racks.

Critter Guard and Snow Guard

Similar to mounting racks, critter guards and snow guards are installed underneath the panels themselves. These guards protect your installation from nesting birds, critters, and snow buildups. In Colorado, these solar power products are a must. Without them, pests and snowstorms can inflict serious damage to your panels and your roof.

Critter guards come standard with every installation at no extra cost because they are necessary. However, snow guards are add-ons for solar systems and are not always required on installations. That said, we highly recommend both of these guards on solar installations in Colorado.

DC Disconnect

On every solar system, you’ll find a DC disconnect. This product is used to disconnect the solar array from the home for maintenance.


Solar systems produce direct current electricity (DC), but standard home appliances use alternating current (AC) for power. The inverter is essential for your system because it converts the DC power into AC.

At EcoMark, we offer many options for inverters, but each inverter is specifically designed for a type of battery. For instance, we can only use a Generac inverter with a Generac battery; we cannot mix products from other manufacturers.

That said, we regularly rely on SolarEdge inverters and optimizers for our residential solar installations. These products are simply unmatched in the industry. In fact, the SolarEdge optimizer operates at 99% efficiency and has very low failure rates. You can’t get much better than 99%!

In addition, we can supply and install micro-inverter technology as needed. These systems operate at around 97% efficiency, which is comparable to the SolarEdge optimizers.

Monitoring SystemBattery Pack

When the sun is shining, your solar panels will produce electricity for your home. Unfortunately, your panels cannot generate much electricity at night or on cloudy days. A battery for your solar system will ensure you have power at all hours of the day.

We currently offer Generac battery solutions for home solar systems. We have 9 KW, 12 KW, 15 KW, and 18 KW battery pack solutions readily available today.

Power Meters

Solar power can generate plenty of electricity for your property. But you’ll likely need to maintain a tie to the utility grid. That’s where your power meter comes into play.

The power meter measures the amount of power that is used from the grid, and it measures the amount of power you send back to the grid as well.

Learn More About Colorado Solar Power Products

At EcoMark Solar, we have been doing residential solar installations up and down the Colorado Front Range for over a decade. Throughout that time, we’ve uncovered which solar power products have the perfect combination of durability, performance, and low warranty claims. We can upgrade your property with a residential solar system that only uses top-tier products and equipment.

Set up an appointment with EcoMark Solar today to see how these products can work on your home.