SolarEdge EnergyHub and Generac PWRcell Inverter Optimizer

The EnergyHub Inverter or Generac PWRcell – Get the most out of Your Solar Panel System

The award-winning EnergyHub Inverter will maximize the efficiency of your solar panel system.

The EnergyHub will grow with you when you need EV charging, additional panels, storage, and more. The inverter and battery will store your energy for later use. When the battery and backup interface connect to the SolarEdge Energy Hub inverter, the system provides power during outages and peak utility times for maximum solar use, self-consumption, and savings.

SolarEdge Monitoring software will give you real-time data on the performance of your Solar Panel System, and the app can show you real-time information about your energy use. 

Solar + storage is simple with the Generac PWRcell Inverter.

The Generac PWRcell Inverter Optimizer is built to maximize the performance and efficiency of Generac Batter Storage and other Generac components.

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EnergyHub Inverter

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  • 90.8% overall system efficiency
  • Increase energy independence from the grid
  • Simple installation process while avoiding main panel upgrades, generation panels, and utility delays
  • Generator compatible for greater power and capacity
  • Add more inverters and batteries
  • Homeowners could save thousands on battery installs
  • Built-in meters are covered under our industry-leading 12-year inverter warranty, extendable to 20-25 years

SolarEdge Monitoring App

SolarEdge at WcoMark Solar

The SolarEdge energy meter is built into the SolarEdge Energy Hub inverter, offering the visibility to maximize self-consumption and minimize your bills

Energy insight enables homeowners to track usage and reduce bills

Easily recognize when it’s time for a change or upgrade: EV charging, hot water, switches, sockets, and more

Generac PWRcell Optimizer

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Solar-plus-storage is simple with the Generac PWRcell Inverter. This bi-directional, REbus™- powered inverter offers a simple, efficient design for integrating Generac smart batteries with solar.

The PWRcell inverter is the industry’s most feature-rich line of inverters, available in single-phase and three-phase models. Add additional solar panels, Generac battery storage, and EV Charging as needed.

This inverter is designed to work with all Generac Batteries. 


  • Single inverter for grid-tied solar with smart battery integration 
  • Simplified system design: No autotransformer or battery inverter needed 
  • User-selectable modes for backup power, self-supply, time-of-use and zero-export 
  • Free system monitoring included via PWRview Web Portal and Mobile App
  • Specifically designed to work with Generac Battery Storage
  • 96.5% – 97.5% weighted efficiency (33%-50% less losses than the market standard)
  • 7.4 – 11.4kW range
  • 10-year warranty
  • Built-in module-level monitoring
  • Communications compatibility REbus, CANbus, RS485, Ethernet
  • All inverters are UL1741 SA certified, for CPUC Rule 21 grid compliance