Our Contribution To Our Community

Map of U.S Showing Colorado Solar Panel incentives

EcoMark Solar loves Colorado and beyond our efforts to promote clean, renewable energy, we are always looking for ways to give back and help our neighbors.

Below are a couple of the ways we are giving back today.

The EcoMark Foundation Mission

The EcoMark Foundation aims to provide free solar energy to families and individuals in need, while educating the community about the benefits of solar energy. We are an organization driven by the employees striving for a clean energy state.


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About The EcoMark Foundation

We want to focus on two main avenues – donation and education. We want to donate clean solar energy to families and individuals in need to help make their lives easier. We want to educate the community about the benefits of solar energy. To begin working towards these goals, we plan to install our first system around the New Year.


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EcoMark Solar Annual Kilowatt Can Drive

EcoMark Solar is excited to announce our third annual holiday Kilowatt Can Drive. For every Kilowatt of solar that EcoMark sells and installs in the month of November, we will donate one food item to a local shelter in time for the holidays. This year, all donations will go to Rocky Mountain Human Services in Denver.


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Annual Environmental Offset From Our Systems
Barrels of Oil Consumed
pounds of coal consumed
Acres of US forest carbon offset
Miles driven by average passenger vehicle